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Oct 17

Book up now for one of our new Skillability Workshops

Skillability workshops are for all students on any course, so sign up now to learn, acheive and succeed.

Whether you’ve just started your learning journey at the University of Sunderland, or are just putting the finishing touches to your final year project or dissertation, everyone benefits from a helping hand in developing academic and research skills along the way.

Register now for a whole host of Skillability workshops running across the academic year: what you need to know, when you need it most.

Advice accessing ebooks from Dawsonera

University Library Services would like to apologise for the current problems we are experiencing with our Dawsonera e books.

Dawsonera is a major national platform for academic e-books used by many universities and the whole sector is unfortunately affected by the current issues in their system.

We have been assured by Dawson Books that they are working hard to resolve these intermittent problems.

In the meantime the following advice may be helpful:

Occasionally Dawsonera take the site down for short periods of time to apply fixes to the system, however this is not usually for more than an hour at a time so if the system is down do try again later. We do always try to ensure that our users are notified of any periods of downtime as soon as we are aware of them.

Dawsonera e-books can still be read online and printed. Make sure that you choose the ‘Read Online’ option. The main difficulty appears to be with downloading the e-books.

Dawsonera are not our only supplier of e books, through our catalogue you will also be able to find many other ebook titles from our other suppliers EBL, Coutts and Safari which are all working without any issues.

If you are struggling to access the e-book you need please let us know ,as we may be able to help you find a good alternative

Oct 02

Extended library evening opening hours

You can burn the midnight oil even later already this term.  From Monday we’ve been open longer on an evening, till midnight at St Peter’s Library and 24/7 at the Murray Library. These hours will be running now all the way till Thursday 11 December.

You can check up on all of our opening hours, staffed and self service hours on the library’s website - here’s the link.

Look at the Library’s main page and see opening hours today and the link to these service hours.  Are we open on Christmas Eve? - Check it out here!

Welcome to the Psychology and Counselling blog

And welcome to the Library at St Peter’s Campus from the library team.

We are here to support you in your studies.  If you are having any issues in using the library service or in finding the resources you need then contact us. Click here to see all of the ways that you can communicate with us.

This is a picture of some of the library staff by our welcome table, you’ll find that alongside the main helpdesk in the Prospect building. You can speak to our staff at the helpdesk or to anyone in the library building who will be happy to help you.

If you are a new student you can pick up some library leaflets from this table and take part in our origami scavenger hunt - click here for information about that and to see our short welcome video. You might even win a prize!

Best of luck with your studies!

Jun 06

Your Library is always open - summer vacation opening hours


If you still need a place to study, the libraries are open throughout the summer vacation. 

Until the end of June the usual weekday and weekend staffed opening hours are still operating. The last self service night at St Peter’s Library until midnight is on Thursday 26 June.

Summer Vacation -

From Monday 30 June St Peter’s Library and The Murray Library will be open weekdays from 9am. Early evening hours are in operation across the two sites -

The Murray Library till 7.30pm on Mondays (staffed) and Thursdays (self service)

St Peter’s Library till 7.30pm on Tuesdays (self service) and Wednesdays (staffed).

Otherwise the libraries will close at 5pm.

St Peter’s Library will be open on Saturdays 2pm-6pm (self service).

Normal term time hours will resume on Monday 15 September.

Remember to bring your campus card with you to sign in during self service periods.

Look on the website for full details of opening week by week at both site libraries.  Any updates will be posted on the main webpage under News and Events.

May 08

Attending a Better University Doesn’t Make You Happier, Here’s What Does…

A new survey of 29,560 college graduates has found that the college they attended didn’t affect how happy they were after graduation, or their subsequent engagement with work (Gallup, 2014).

No matter whether they went to a top-ranked or bottom-ranked institution, the secret of happiness and satisfaction with work and life lay elsewhere.

Considering the huge variation in price between the most and least prestigious institutions, this is a surprising finding.

Instead it was the types of experiences they had in college and support they received there which most predicted being engaged at work and thriving in later life.

For example, college graduates were more likely to be engaged at work if they’d…

Read the full story here.

May 07

Revision and Exam preparation

Yes it’s that time of year again!

Checkout our website under Skills for Learning and see what advice we can give you to help you with your revision and in preparing for your exams.

There’s lots of other helpful pointers on these pages to support you in your studies, everything from how to manage your time, to how to make the best use of social media.  Look at the full list of topics covered and see how we might be able to assist you in the future.

Happy revising!

May 06

Where to get your dissertation bound

Need to get your dissertation bound ready for hand-in?

You can get your dissertation or assignment printed and bound at the Print Centre at Chester Road Campus or at the Student Union Shop at St Peter’s Campus.

The Print Centre is at Unit 3 Tech Park at City Campus - next to Murray Library.

They are open on Monday - Friday 9.00 -5.00

For prices see link -

The Students Union Shop is alongside the entrance to the Reg Vardy Building at St Peter’s Campus - off the main square.

They are open on Monday - Friday 10.00 - 4.00

May 02

Printing credit - now available online



May 01

May Day Bank Holiday - Library Hours

Making the most of the sunshine(!) or still wanting to use the Library on the May Day Bank Holiday?

See our news item on the Library website for details of our opening hours on Monday 5th May.

During our self service periods you’ll need your campus card in order to sign in.