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Apr 04


Easter Vacation Opening Hours

Easter is on the way but there’s still plenty of opportunities to make use of the library during the vacation for study and revision.  We don’t close!

Check out the website to see our opening hours.

We are still staffed during the early evening and there are many self service periods on late evenings, weekends and even over the Easter weekend itself.  If you want to visit us during that those times, remember you’ll need your campus card to sign in.

Normal term-time hours resume on Monday 28th April.

Apr 03

Logging In To Your Library Account Just Got Easier!


From April 8th you will be able to log in to your online Library account using your usual student log in and password - you won’t need to use the barcode number anymore!


(via uospharmacyblog)

Apr 02

Come and see us tomorrow and you might win an iPad Air

Invest 2 mins of your time and find out how we’ve been investing in you and you could win an iPad Air

Drop into see us at City Space or Prospect Building anytime between 11:00 and 14:30 on Thursday 3rd April 2014.

It’s your chance to find out what we’ve been doing for you and for you to give us some feedback and to enter the draw.  Chocolate eggs may also be available!

Apr 01

Revising - 10 ways to improve your memory

Scratching your head about your revision?  How can you remember all those things you’ve been taught this past academic year?  Don’t panic there are some easy ways to improve your memory - including clenching your right fist, chewing gum and going for a walk, as well as sniffing rosemary, losing weight and switching off your computer.

Read more about the top 10 tips and then more after that, on the PsyBlog - these are all serious ideas and are all backed up by genuine research!

Go to sleep - yes that is another one!

Mar 28

Finding past exam papers

Wanting to look at some exam papers from previous years? 

You can look at a selection of exam papers online by logging into My Sunderland.

Click on 'Me' and then select the 'Learning' tab. On the left hand menu you will see a link for past exam papers.

You can search this database by module code, year or browse by subject.  Remember this is a selection of exam papers only, it is not a complete list.

Mar 27

Use the Library maps to find your Learning Space

Where is that quiet space in the Library?  Look at our library maps (this one is for St Peter’s Library) to see where all the different types of learning spaces are located. 

Pinpoint that social area for your lunch or see where you can go to be totally silent and get your head down for some serious revision.

You can find the maps on our website, or from our catalogue, and from the information kiosks in the library itself.

Mar 26

Handy tips for revising and your exams

The Skills for Learning section of the Library’s website offers you a few suggestions to help you revise and then to prepare for your exams, tips to help you get yourself organised,  like drawing up a timetable and condensing your notes for the important points. 

Don’t know where to start or when to start - then have a read here first.

This is just one section of the whole Skills for Learning package which is there for you to make use of throughout your studies - dip in and out of the sections which are most relevant to you at the time you need them.

Mar 25

Genes play key role in parenting: Children also shape parents’ behavior

A study by two Michigan State University psychologists refutes the popular theory that how adults parent their children is strictly a function of the way they were themselves parented when they were children.

While environmental factors do play a role in parenting, so do a person’s genes, said S. Alexandra Burt, associate professor of psychology and co-author of a study led by doctoral student Ashlea M. Klahr.

"The way we parent is not solely a function of the way we were parented as children," Burt said. "There also appears to be genetic influences on parenting."

Read the full news story here.

The study is published in Psychological Bulletin, a research journal of the American Psychological Association.

You can access Psychological Bulletin via the Library’s Discover service.

Watch the video - see what the Library has been doing to support you

There’s lots of info on our website and in the library about how we can help you during your revision period.

See what the Library Service has been doing to support you throughout in your studies - look at the videos for your faculty on YouTube on the Library’s  channel here.